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Building license

Building license

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Building license
Building licenseУслуга
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  • +38050845-26-02 Виктор Сергеевич
  • +38044360-62-11 Майя Георгиевна
  • +38098075-02-54 Михаил Андреевич
Вадим Владимиров
  • +38050845-26-02 Виктор Сергеевич
  • +38044360-62-11 Майя Георгиевна
  • +38098075-02-54 Михаил Андреевич
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License for the conduct of construction works in Ukraine for foreign companies.

License Department.

We can help you register a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine

We can help foreign companies develop business in Ukraine.

We can help you get a building license and permits for foreign companies within 14 days.

(098) 202-02-62 hot line

Our advantages:

- you do not need to be present at any agencies, our lawyers only will resolve any issues anywhere;

- we guarantee the legality, confidentiality and a 100% result of obtaining All-Ukrainian license.

- we provide support during inspections by law enforcement authorities, tax and building inspections.

Building license is a document entitling to conduct the construction, design, engineering, surveying, general contractor or technical supervision works.

Legal company “All-Ukrainian Expert Licensing Center”


Detailed consultation by phone:

(044) 360-68-11 Kyiv and Kyiv Region

(093) 604-22-61 Kharkiv and Kharkiv Region

(050) 845-26-02 Donetsk and Donetsk Region

(098) 075-02-54 Dnipropetrovsk and Dnipropetrovsk Region

(093) 169-02-87 Lviv and Lviv Region

(066) 994-18-44 Odesa and Odesa Region, Zaporizhia and Zaporizhia Region

If you are unable to call us, e-mail us at: bud2@i.ua

In the e-mail specify please your contact phone number and your question, we will call you back.

Experienced lawyers of our center will provide the necessary range of services in registering, extending or amending the building license for the design, construction, installation and other works


- consulting and preparation of documents for a building lisence;

- guarantee of confidentiality;

- provision of the necessary number of experts and equipment;

- preparation of positive expert opinions for the licensing committee;

- representation and protection of interests of Licensee before the licensing committee;

- registration/renewal/extension/amendment to the license;

- receipt of the license and transfer of the form sheet to the customer;

- support and protection of the Licensee in case of inspections.

The license for the conduct of construction work is the basis for the construction business. This is the first step towards the construction of new buildings and structures.

WE PROVIDE FULL SUPPORT AT ALL THE STAGES OF LICENSING for regional companies without sending a representative to Kyiv. All the documents are sent by express courier mail.

The activity in the architectural and construction sector, in accordance with the codifier, is divided the following types of work.

- Engineering survey for construction,

- Development of urban planning documentation,

- Designing objects of architecture,

- Construction and installation works,

- Installation of utility networks,

- Construction of transport facilities,

- Engineering activities in the field of construction.

Building license is a document (agreement) entitling to conduct all of the above listed activities. The result of building license execution is a standard form and an annex to the license, without which it is not valid. The Annex contains a list of types of activities which may be performed by the Licensee.

For a quick start of arrangement of your building license, you just need to decide on the list of the types of activities for which you would like to obtain a license, and send it to us by e-mail at: bud2@i.ua

Or you may call us, we will help to decide on the list of types of activities.

Turnaround time of the license:


- 1 day (preparation of documents for the licensing committee)

- 14 days (obtaining a building license form), the license is valid in the entire territory of Ukraine.

The license is valid for:

3 years when issued for the first time

5 years when reissued.

Obtaining a building license is a very complex process (but not for US!) requiring professionalism and knowledge in the field of law. It is even more difficult to settle the formalities for obtaining a license from the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate and associated offsite expert reviews. We take over all the stages of registration and obtaining the license.

With our help, you will receive a building license within the shortest possible period.

You do not need to be present at any agencies, it will be us exclusively who we will resolve any issues anywhere.

The price of our services and full legal support shall be discussed over the phone.

Additional services

We can help you obtain licenses:

- License for the conduct of construction works (license for construction activity) in Ukraine

- License for medical practice

- License for a pharmacy

- License for firefighting activity

- License of the National Committee for Communication Issues

- License for customs broker activity

- License for land management and land assessment works

- Licensing in the field of education services

- License for gathering and processing of secondary raw materials

- License for land management and land assessment works

- License for gathering and processing of scrap metal

- License for selling pesticides and agrochemicals

- License for employment abroad

- License for security activity

- License for financial activity

- License for tour operator activity

- License for tobacco and alcohol wholesale trade

- Transport license

We will help to obtain a qualification certificate without discontinuing work (externally) for:

- Professional attestation of Chief Project Architect, Chief Project Engineer, expert, estimator, foreman

- Attestation of the Department of Building Control

- Certification of the Technical Inventory Engineer

- Certification of Geodetic Surveyors and Surveying Engineers

Private lawyers and attorneys of the legal company “All-Ukrainian Expert Licensing Center” will provide expert assistance. We will solve all of your problems.

Legal services for legal entities.

Legal services for individuals.

Our professionalism, capabilities and energy will help build and protect your business!

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